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Are you ready to make real changes in your life

SO... Are you READY? To make positive steps toward changes in your personal life, career or addiction recovery?

Does this sound familiar?

• You’d like to feel happier all around, and more engaged in life?
• You’d like to enjoy easy, satisfying relationships and an overall less stressful life?
• You’d like to have a better job, better relationship – more rewarding, more meaningful and more complimentary to who you are?
• You’d like to stop procrastinating and let go of negative self talk to begin life anew?
• You’d like to enjoy a positive attitude and approach to life, removing negativity and stress from your daily well being… 

I’m Gary, your atypical life coach. With a strong pastoral foundation of 25+ years, personal experience in recovery and transformational work, I use a goal-oriented approach that honors the client and creates a safe place where you will clarify your vision, connect to your passions and live the life you desire!  You will also benefit from working with an experienced life coach who has a profound understanding of human behavior and tendencies. By using multiple coaching methods, you’ll be able to process, identify and make the necessary changes that will enable you to clarify your life’s goals and commit to meeting them.

Relationship Coaching

Working with people that desire to have a healthy relationship with their partner is a passion of mine.  I am one of a small group of people worldwide trained and authorized as a Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator.  Authorized by the John Gottman Institute to use the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Program materials and teach content that integrates research from the Seven Principles book. Learn more...

Transformational Life Coaching

Numerous people are trapped in a perpetual cycle of bewilderment, grappling with highly destructive, near-paralyzing inner dialogue and a stagnant daily outlook, with little understanding of themselves or their true talents. They don’t know where they’re going, what they’re doing, or what their highest priorities are, and have no concrete goals, or perhaps have little idea how to attain the goals that they have set. Learn more...

Recovery Coaching

 I know the recovery path. With over 35 years continually working my own recovery program as well as 8 years involved with Celebrate Recovery ministries, I maintain a deep understanding of the nuances of recovery and have gained some powerful tools applicable to our Recovery Coaching that will enable you to move beyond the Recovery Cycle into a life of fulfillment, hope and promise. The cycle of addiction can rob us of optimism and hope, and those who are in recovery from addiction are left with a life in tender need of repair. Addiction Recovery Coaching gently moves you forward beyond the recovery stage, enabling you to build an addiction-free life and restoring the personal motivation necessary to realize your most valued dreams and aspirations. Learn more...



"I have been fortunate to work with Gary as my Life Coach over the past several months..." read more

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